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Discover unparalleled sound production and post-production services at Hiraya Studios, where my expertise and technology bring your audio projects to life. Whether you're a podcaster, voice actor, filmmaker, or musician, our studio is equipped to deliver high-quality sound experiences. Dive into our suite of services designed to meet your every audio need:

Image by Jukka Aalho

Podcast Recording

We offer a comfortable, acoustically treated environment that ensures your recordings are crystal clear, engaging, and broadcast-ready. From setup to final edit, I provide the technical expertise to make your podcast stand out.


Whether for commercials, audiobooks, educational content, or animation, our studio delivers pristine, compelling voiceovers that capture and retain your audience's attention. We bring precision sound - your voiceover project will be meticulously captured and polished.

Image by Will Francis
Image by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu

Sound Design

Sound design enriches your projects with customized soundscapes, effects, and auditory textures that enhance storytelling and immerse audiences. From subtle background ambiance to complex audio environments, our sound design elevates your narrative to new heights.

Audio Clean-up

Achieve flawless audio with our specialized cleanup services. We remove unwanted background noise and other audio imperfections, ensuring your recordings are clear and professional. We restore and enhance audio files, delivering pristine sound quality.

Image by Austin Distel
Image by Will Francis

Choose Jon Mendel's Sound Services at Hiraya Studios

We bring a wealth of experience, passion, and precision to every project. We understand the power of sound and its impact on storytelling and audience engagement. We're dedicated to providing personalized service, attention to detail, and a collaborative approach to ensure your audio projects exceed expectations.

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